Our Core Values

Knowledge & Experience

Our expertise, our services and our materials provide added value .We are
clear in our communication and lead our clients through the whole process to the right solution without paying high cost

Quality Delivery

We work in a structured way according to clear procedures and processes, and with world-leading technology of the highest quality. We continuously monitor all parts of our business, evaluate and develop ourselves to improve future activities.


We understand our customer's pain points. We take responsibility for what we do and for a constructive dialoque that develops relationshios with our customers, suppliers and our team members.

Space Planning Proposal

Assess the space conditions and the owner’s space needs and preferences,

Provide preliminary design proposal services.

(including on-site measurement and preliminary planning)

Design fees

Residential Space : case-by-case assessment​
Commercial Space :
case-by-case assessment

​​​*Design cost is calculated according to the actual design floor area​

Project budget

* The total project cost varies according to the actual design content and material selection

* The estimated amount does not include engineering supervision fees, air conditioning,

Kitchenware, home appliances, bathroom equipment, curtains, soft furnishings…etc.