Space Change Pte Ltd, founded in 2019, is a growing interior design firm in Singapore with the belief that there is a method to assist homeowners to bring their vision to life without compromising much on the renovation. Every renovation should be planned meticulously with our clients’ needs in mind and appropriately budgeted. The desired end results can be achieved easily as we have a team of passionate interior designers, also known as Spaceman, who devote time and effort to know the customer’s lifestyle and needs. The drafts will be bespoke interior designs curated for each unique customer. Our Spaceman will also propose cost-saving options for customers and achieve both cost-saving and design as a whole. At Space Change, Its all about doing rightfully and spending right on renovation.

Our Vision

  • To consistently create more distinctive interior project and set lifestyle trends
  • We stand for innovation. With new materials, new methods and new technologies that appear stronger, longer and clearer clarity.

Our Mission

  • We strive to be the most credibility renovation firm that provides bespoke design & true quality work
    through the most efficient pricing we could offer. With knowledge, quality and commitment, we lead our clients through the whole process towards optimum visibility and create great added value.

Our Core Values

Knowledge & Experience

Our expertise, our services and our materials provide added value .We are
clear in our communication and lead our clients through the whole process to the right solution without paying high cost

Quality Delivery

We work in a structured way according to clear procedures and processes, and with world-leading technology of the highest quality. We continuously monitor all parts of our business, evaluate and develop ourselves to improve future activities.


We understand our customer's pain points. We take responsibility for what we do and for a constructive dialoque that develops relationshios with our customers, suppliers and our team members.

New Promises To Our Customers

Space Change has been always customer’s focus & service oriented. We has been collecting data from our customers experience based on few keys factors like communication during design stage, renovation process, materials quality provided and after-sales support. Therefore, Space Change is finally able to present our new services & system to create a better customer services with the most efficient costing solution

Fixed Interior Fee

We provide fixed and transparent service price structure.

Import & Sourcing

We help you find the best deals from overseas for the better and cheaper option. 


Never waste a day of handover.

After-Sales Support

We honoured promised timelines to get any defects done.


10 Years of Warranty

We extended your coverage from 5 years to 10 years warranty.